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Hubei Ezhou clear the next five years, "food safety project" Target

Industry News

Recently, the city issued "on the implementation of the food safety project vigorously promote food enterprise development advice," clearly the goals and tasks the next five years, "Food Security Project".

Central grain reserve depot in Wudu Guo family company as the main construction of the new library storage capacity of 1.3 billion pounds. Combined food emergency supply system construction, building low refined grain storing capacity of 0.1 billion pounds of emergency repository. Repair "dangerous old warehouse database", rational distribution storages, quasi-temperature grain Retrofit (oil) library, efforts to enhance the social grain purchasing and storage capacity.

Enhancing food storage and logistics system. Relying on national "food north south", in the province of rice out of the "two-channel", the construction of grain logistics park Sanjiang Hong Kong.

Establish an emergency distribution centers 6, "rest assured grain and oil" and emergency supply outlets 100, emergency processing enterprises 6, two regional wholesale markets. Improve and improve food quality and food safety inspection and monitoring system of supervision and management, law enforcement ranks, countries in the region to complete the construction of a quality monitoring stations, 15 leading enterprises in testing laboratories; basically completed improve the city's unified food early warning and monitoring systems and network platforms.

Striving for "national love food Jieliang education base" 1-2, as rural households with standardized grain storage loaded with 20,000 units, construction companies drying Consolidation and Rehabilitation Center 5, large grain scientific grain demonstration 10, so that the city Food postpartum loss rate has dropped by 1.5%.