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Shaanxi: strengthening food production in major grain-producing counties functional zones and rainfed agriculture focusing on hi

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Shaanxi to strengthen food production function area construction to major grain-producing counties and county focus on high-yield dryland agriculture, promotion of water-saving technology, to create contiguous scale modern food production base. General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech to Shaanxi, Shanxi grain production hit a key.

Shaanxi Province is a typical arid and semi-arid regions. Paddy field and irrigated land accounts for 24.5 of the total arable land, dryland 75.3; arable land, about fifteen degrees of cropland also accounted for 35 of the total arable land. Shaanxi drought is constraining food production bottlenecks.

To this end, Shaanxi firmly grasp grain production this bid, one dedicated to the high yield, improve yields, increase the potential of mining the land; on the other hand delineate major grain producing areas, bundling resources tilted to the main producing areas, the focus of security, stability food production. At the same time, to carry out deep plowing subsoiling, straw, soil fertility. Not only focus on stabilizing the current food production, but also take into account the long-term increase food production.

Improve yields, high yield per mu yield more than 20

The yield can be improved so much, without thinking that the ratio of income to most of the original farming. March 19, Zizhou Lee Hyo new kiln Township villagers still bright Pi told reporters laments.

The new kiln Zizhou rainfed agriculture is still the village a model village. Pi has been brisk at home watching farming their land produce a yield unimaginable. Before seed soybeans, yield five or six hundred pounds, now yield a minimum of two hundred seventy jin, an increase of nearly 1 times. Last year, Liang Pi on the hillside planted 74 acres of soybeans.

After 2012 the provincial Department of Agriculture as the province rainfed agriculture demonstration counties, Zizhou take comprehensive measures from the planning guidance, policy support, technical services, industrial drive, etc., a total area of ​​3.29 million mu of demonstration, radiation and leading 20.6 acres to promote new technologies Dry 36 acres, reaching a dryland soybean, mung bean yielding four national records.

Similar plots, demonstration areas and the use of conventionally grown, more than 200 kilograms per mu yield of corn, mu net income increased more than 160 yuan. Mu yield of soybean and mung bean are more than doubled. Zizhou Agriculture Board, agronomist Li Jianguo said.

High yield is a weapon of Shaanxi on agricultural production. In 2007, it began in earnest in high yield Shaanxi, after the Ministry of Agriculture to the country, to reduce the rigidity of arable land under the premise of stable food production has made outstanding contributions.

High yield for different regions, through the implementation of high-yielding varieties and cultivation techniques, tapping the potential synergies, in order to lead the whole region to achieve change in low-yield production, the production becomes high-yield, high-yield more productive. This action was first applied to the staple food, after extended to rape, cotton and other crops.

2014, the province Liangmian high yield and yield model research around the wheat, corn, potato, rice, rapeseed, cotton, soybeans, peanuts, nine small grains crops in 84 counties, with a total area of ​​329.2 hectares create , involving 732,000 farmers, create crop each year than the county average yield demonstration acre yield was more than 20.

To ensure that key, the main 42 counties won 70 of the province's grain output

Stable grain production and the adjustment of industrial structure in order to increase farmers' income seems to be a contradiction. And let the province's 104 counties are arrested agro food production, one unrealistic, difficult to break; the second is easy to make money to support the project sprinkled with black pepper, it is difficult to maximize the benefits of government investment; the third is difficult scale food production and modernization.

Advantages to the advantage of the regional concentration of crops, is a prerequisite to ensure higher yields of total production. To this end, in 2014, according to the provincial Department of Agriculture food commodity rate, the contribution rate level, redefining the 30 major grain-producing counties, 20 counties yielding rainfed agriculture, a total of two superimposed 42 counties, beginning this year, and 10 a whole town together contiguous modern agricultural base, according to Ummah, press miscellaneous, expanding corn industrial layout, concentrated capital, technology and resources advantages, speed up the Shaanxi section of the major grain producing areas to promote, focus on creating regional concentration, industry gathering, four major functional areas of food production to stabilize and improve the comprehensive grain production capacity.

Identify and concentrating on major grain producing areas, taking into account the stability of food production and industrial structure adjustment, increasing farmers' income. 42 counties will win 70 of the province's grain production. Five years later, the ribbon can grain production will be a big change. Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Agriculture planting Wu Jingliang said.

Long-term perspective, subsoiling land development rainfed agriculture

Drought drought every year in mid. Drought is the norm in Shaanxi. In addition to the passive response of the anti-big investment and whether irrigation is no longer outside his law it? In fact, you can also take a more proactive, more long-lasting, more sustainable drought of the law, and that is to carry out land subsoiling, development rainfed agriculture.

Shaanxi Guanzhong granary. Wheat Root Guanzhong area is often less than 20 cm in the plow layer of lateral growth, the same as the mat wrapped twine together. The root cause of this phenomenon is real tight thick arable land plow, root crops under difficult tie. Roots shallow, very drought tolerant. Deputy Director of Science and Education at the Provincial Agricultural Bureau Wang Yongyi said.

Subsoiling effective measures to break the soil plow bottom. Subsoiling had cultivated not only conducive to plant roots tie down, up and down in favor of soil and fertilizer exchange, easier to build and live in rain, the soil is equivalent to build an underground reservoir, it is conducive for winter or spring with Autumn.

Wheat commitment to national industrial technology system projects in Xianyang City Academy, the deep pine as optional items test has been carried out for many years. Vice president, said Zhang Anjing, subsoiling both for agriculture or on the environment are very good. Large environment, land subsoiling had encountered heavy rain is not easy to form surface runoff, reducing the flood of the city and river flood control pressure, effectively supplement groundwater. For agriculture, the increase of the grain. Normal year, the same land, take a shock subsoiling tillage seeding technologies to improve the yield per mu 10-30.

It is reported that, beginning this year, the province will invest financial capital, in some counties to carry out arable land subsoiling demonstration.