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Curtain fan cooling system

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POON wall with water cooling system, water evaporation endothermic principle, the principle of negative pressure ventilation to exhaust gas inside the plant, sewage gas and lift high-temperature hot. After installing high-temperature hot environment can be very effective in improving the plant, make the temperature (32 ~ 45 ℃ temperature environment) inside the plant declined rapidly within 10 minutes and the temperature is maintained at 26 ~ 30 ℃ This is the most comfortable body work environment, can improve employee productivity, maintain high quality products. Its ventilation cooling ventilation effect can be a very effective solution to 95 to 99% of the plant temperature hot, air pollution problems. Ventilation characteristics: through negative pressure ventilation, the outdoor and indoor air exchange, the factory hot, bad smell completely discharged outside the plant, the natural inflow of fresh air. Fan according to the actual situation of the plant, to calculate the required number of air changes per hour, ventilation, optimal allocation, effective solution to high-temperature hot, air pollution and other issues. Water POON cooling ventilation equipment, it has been widely used in many strong industries, most commonly used to trade for the textile and garment industry. Because it can effectively clear the air of cotton and dust, compared with the previous work environment, batting cause of itchy skin attached to the body has been radically improved; in addition, such as food, tea industry, steel mills, iron works, animal husbandry, Flower greenhouse, rubber plants, plastic plants, automobile plants and other industries have been gradually use, water POON cooling ventilation equipment is bound to become mainstream tomorrow cooling system. Closed ventilation system (also known as negative pressure ventilation system) it is the principle of the plant (including the roof section) are all sealed and isolated, the air inside the plant extract out the other end introducing outside air, such an environment control is called a closed ventilation system.