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Grassland agriculture is a new way to ensure food safety

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In developed countries, the proportion of agricultural animal husbandry accounted for more than 70% of people in developed countries food structure to meat, eggs, milk-based. Practice has proved that the development of grassland agriculture can eat well enough to eat.

Currently, even though we have achieved enough to eat, but to achieve eat well, we must firmly grasp the initiative to ensure food security, the development of grassland agriculture is a reliable path.

Food safety, first meet the basic amount. Whenever possible, we must ensure self-sufficiency of more than 90% of the food. Annual world food trade at 250 million tons, China's annual consumption of 5.5 million tons. It should control the food trade deficit does not exceed one-fifth of world exports, accounting for domestic and foreign policy initiative. Second, quality assurance. China's grain consumption in the food directly from the city 80 years, the township of 400 kg, 300 kg, reduced to the current 120 kg, 70 kg, which is the contribution of meat, eggs. Adjust the diet makes the feed resources become the core of the problems we face. Developing Grassland agriculture, give full play to the advantages of low efficiency of forage to cattle and other grazing livestock products to replace some of the high consumption of grain type of livestock products is the only way.

Grassland agriculture to ensure food safety. First, it is modern and efficient agricultural production, fine management concept, used in animal husbandry pastoral grass, in a suitable area to build high production efficiency of artificial grass, silage, the ease ecological pressure, increase high-grade beef and mutton, milk food supply. Second, in the south of grass hills, farmland, labor shortage area, promoting grass modern animal husbandry. Labor less expensive, complex terrain, the development of ryegrass, red beans mixed grazing pasture grass; labor and more mechanized operations area for the development of timothy grass, forage sorghum, corn silage, alfalfa and other high-yielding forage base the implementation of intensive animal husbandry grass. By grassland agriculture to increase food equivalent to grazing livestock products to increase food equivalent, reducing the consumption of feed grains.

2012-2015, the central government building in the northern prairie region annually 500,000 mu high yield alfalfa demonstration area, greatly contributed to the refinement of technology application in agriculture and animal husbandry in the grass. In 2014, the central government has ten provinces in the south started to implement actions to promote Southern modern grassland animal husbandry, such as the layout of grassland agriculture, the protection of the northern grassland ecology, reduce soil erosion grass hills south; greatly ease the abandoned arable land, labor shortages contradiction; modern and efficient development of grass livestock production; farmers' income increase significantly. The enormous power of grassland agriculture is emerging.