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Warmly celebrate He Maosheng companies - Denmark Westrup successfully signed a joint venture project

Company News

1, Denmark Westrup company is a global agricultural sector - cleaning process, industry Recycling - Screening of high-end mechanical equipment designer and manufacturer prestigious classification. The company is a lush agricultural sector in China - flour processing, seed cleaning and processing, industries - mining machinery very excellent mechanical equipment manufacturers.

2, in order to provide high-end processing to China's seed industry cleaning sorting and processing equipment, to achieve the rapid development of China's seed industry cleaning process, the lush and Westrup through contacts and exchanges in the past two years, in 2013 the two sides decided to jointly invested in Kaifeng City, Henan Province, the construction of the joint venture.

3, the joint venture Name: Visteon Zhuo - lush seed treatment technology (Kaifeng) Limited.

4, the joint venture aims: to provide high quality seeds to the Chinese market for seed treatment equipment and technology.

Cooperation process:

Chairman of the Board in October 2011 the company Mr. Zhao Maosheng lush visited Westrup company

In February 2012, CEO Peter Westrup visited luxuriant company

Mr. Pitt and his entourage visited the company's lush electrostatic spraying workshop

Mr. Pitt visited the lush corporate clients

2013 General Manager Mr. Maosheng company Zhao Yongzhi visit Westrup company

Westrup 2013 Board member Maosheng company access

In 2013 the two sides held a signing member of the Board of Directors meeting